The blazer is a key weapon in a man’s arsenal. The possibilities are endless, dress it up or dress it down, put a button-up under it or maybe go with a t-shirt. When it comes to pairing items with a blazer stick to the basic rules of matching. These rules are simple, if the blazer has a design then go for more of a simple shirt, but if the blazer is simple then spice it up with a pop of color or pattern in the shirt. The items that can be paired with a blazer are infinite, things like pocket squares(article to come), ties, and tie bars. When it comes to the cut of the blazer its a little more of personal preference, I personally favor the slim cut. The slim cut complements a mans shape and makes it appealing in the right areas; broad shoulders and a slim waist, but its all one’s preference. So go get yourself one of these swiss army knives of fashion, because blazers just seem to take a boy and turn them in to a man. 


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